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Hnry Awards 2020

The winners have been announced!

You did it!

For this year's Hnry Awards, hundreds of people submitted their entries on the theme of 'What does independent earning mean to you?'. Our independent judges shortlisted their Top 10 entries, and you - the public, chose your Top 3 favourites. You can review all the Top 10 entries below and find out more about each.

The Prizes:

There were some serious cash prizes on offer for the top entries:

  • The entry with the highest number of votes received $15,000
  • The entry with second highest received $7,500
  • The entry with the third highest number of votes received $2,500
Winner: $15k 1st runner-up: $7.5k
2nd runner-up: $2.5k

WINNER: Tim Hamilton

I believe through great storytelling, we can change the world. In this scary time, I think the most valuable thing I can do is use my abilities to help educate, entertain and prepare people for new wa...

1st Runner Up: Julia Palm

My creative output usually focuses on contemporary-slow-one-off fashion garments, textile artworks, zines & photography - but I really can't be tied down and give everything a go! JPalm is an anomaly...

2nd Runner Up: Fifi Colston

I've been freelancing as an illustrator, props and costume designer and children's book author for 40 years. It's always a hustle, pulling that next rabbit out of your hat to make another buck, to pay...

Top 10: Jesse Leonard

I work at a not for profit theatre and in my spare time I write comics and make music. I wanted to try something new for my entry so I animated a little cartoon. I hope you all like it, and thanks for...

Top 10: Virginia Gow

I am an independent contractor for money in the cultural sector, and a mum for love. I have created a blog about the highs and lows of this balancing act as my entry....

Top 10: Leni Selesele

Recently I have been able to grow more as an independent artist earning through Art commissions in which i dedicate my time to. I’m still learning new things each day & having to be sufficient with sc...

Top 10: Kim Single

Since embarking on this new freelance adventure, I've had to adjust to the pendulum swing of 'everything is fine' and 'everything is falling apart'. It feels mostly like an internal experience; just m...

Top 10: Hinarera Lambert

I've been earning from home for over 10 years and have so loved it. The unique challenges that working from home presents are minimal compared to the magic of creating something that comes from your h...

Top 10: Michel Mulipola

I’m a comic book artist/pro wrestler/sponsored gamer. I've managed to make a career as an adult doing the very things I loved to do as a kid.......

Top 10: Luke Jackson

I am a freelance journalist, video producer and editor. My submission is a short video about the ups and downs of the lifestyle of a freelancer....