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Entry E: Tim Hamilton


About the Entry

I believe through great storytelling, we can change the world. In this scary time, I think the most valuable thing I can do is use my abilities to help educate, entertain and prepare people for new ways of thinking. Unfortunately, I lost all my jobs related to film in the last week.

So, rather than show you an old well-mastered piece of work, I crafted something new based on a quote a friend gave me on his deathbed last year that will help me get through this time of change.

“Everything in life is about sex, but the problem with sex is it’s always about something else. So bring a sharp knife.”

Elaborating on this, he actually meant that you can hold leverage by understanding motivation. Right now, people are afraid. I hope this piece brings joy and new ideas to other creators in the same industry and what isolation and human contact could look like from here out. 

So, for you Hnry, in two days I chose to use my skill as a VFX artist and storyteller to craft a cam girl from the safety of self-isolation. Camming is a very foreign idea to me. But this is about lateral thinking and adapting. The knife in the quote is about everything else. Stay alive and you get to keep mastering the world around you. Keep telling your stories.

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