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Our Story

Founded in New Zealand, Hnry is a pay-as-you-earn service for contractors, freelancers and self-employed people. We take care of all tax calculations, payments and filings for individuals every time they get paid. We also provide invoicing and expense management tools to help people keep on top of things, so that they can focus on doing their job.

The idea for Hnry started with a couple of contractors from Wellington who realised that the traditional model of self-employment was broken, and hadn’t changed to adapt to modern working styles. Self-employed people are burdened with complex tax systems and responsibilities, effectively punishing them just for being self-employed. Existing solutions like accountants and accounting software only do a small part of the job – the individual still has to take on a lot of the work themselves. There had to be a better way. Surely we could make a service to help people pay tax as soon as they earn; a service that makes sure everyone pays exactly the right amount of tax automatically; and a service that allowed people to never have to worry about receiving hefty fines or penalties?

At Hnry, we want self-employment to be an easy option. Everyone should be able to take advantage of flexible working without having to fear a tax and compliance nightmare.

In designing the service model for Hnry, we’ve worked with tax experts from Big 4 accountancy firms (nice suits), legal experts from the top law firms (even nicer suits), and technology experts from some of New Zealand’s funkiest startups (nice beards/Star Wars t-shirts). We’ve brought together the expertise from all of these areas to create Hnry – New Zealand’s best service for the self-employed. Think of Hnry like a concierge – if you want it all done for you, Hnry will do it with pleasure and a smile.

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Our Team

Hnry are registered Tax Agents for both ACC and IRD – which means our team represents you to those agencies. You don’t have to wait in a phone queue with them any more!

We don’t use jargon, or try and confuse you with tax law. We’re all about making sure you get the support you need, so you never have to worry.

James Fuller
James Fuller


With many years’ experience in technology consulting and mentoring emerging businesses, James leads the strategy and technology side of the business – part geek, part visionary...

Claire Fuller
Claire Fuller


With a background in compliance and company operations, Claire brings a keen eye for detail and a drive for efficiency – she’s all about cutting out red tape and making things easier...

Richard Freestone
Richard Freestone


Having worked across the U.K. and NZ, Richard brings deep experience in accounting, taxation and helping clients with financial affairs – he’s got all the numbers covered...

Michael Dowse
Michael Dowse

Technical Lead

As an experienced developer, technical lead and entrepreneur, Michael brings the experience and capability to keep Hnry scaling rapidly

Sébastien Dossot
Sébastien Dossot

Front End Developer

Front end web developer with a broad range of skills - from app development through to photography!

Ben Jardine
Ben Jardine

Marketing Coordinator

As a writer, editor and marketer, Ben brings a passion for quality content, ensuring the Hnry brand is well-represented

Leigh Mackay
Leigh Mackay

Relationship Manager

With a background in Recruitment and Professional Development, Leigh ensures all our Hnry Partners get the most from Hnry

Join the team

We’re a small team with big ambitions: comprised of smart collaborators and creative thinkers, we come from various backgrounds and experiences, united in the quest to help those with impermanent jobs focus on what they do best, without worrying about all the admin nonsense.

Our aim is to make self-employment more navigable for everyone. In order for us to be successful, we’re looking for people who would love to be a part of something that’s changing the way self-employment landscape here in New Zealand (and eventually, the whole world).

Here are the new team members that we’re currently looking for:


Software Developer

Wellington, Full time

To apply, send a CV and cover letter to: michael@hnry.co.nz

We’re excited to bring another developer (you?) on to our team.

Our goal is to automate the entire tax/accounting process for the self-employed, from invoicing through to filing tax returns. We’re automating things that have never been automated before, and making everyone’s lives a lot easier along the way.

We’re looking for someone with experience building web apps. You may not yet be comfortable working across the full stack from server configuration to CSS, but you’ll be curious to learn the parts you don’t know.

We follow agile practices, delivering improvements iteratively in small chunks. We track the impact of our work and measure ourselves on results, not the amount of code written.

Our technology platform is built in Ruby on Rails, and we also use AWS (via Terraform), Docker, and a little bit of React.


Junior Research Assistant

Wellington/Remote, 6 Week Fixed

To apply, send a CV and cover letter to: ben@hnry.co.nz

The very nature of work is constantly changing. We see it every day: stats reported by many organisations saying the global freelance economy is the way of the future; thought leaders from companies who say technology will shape the workforce of tomorrow.

At Hnry, we operate at the forefront of this change. Our customers are contractors and freelancers, working various jobs that range anywhere from tattoo art to IT consulting to event management. We’re looking for a person to keep up on the latest trends in the future of work, compiling a list of thought leaders on the subject and influencers that Hnry can interview for written content (case studies, Q&As, etc.).

Ideally, you’ll have an interest in the future of work and the technological trends that will shape the future of work. In addition, you will ideally have the following:

  • Strong research abilities and a determination to get to the bottom of the why and the how
  • An ability to communicate ideas, both on paper and in person. Journalism background is a plus.
  • A creative thinker, you can see the big picture but think outside of it as well.

This role is primarily Wellington-based, and you’re welcome to work remotely (in Wellington) if you wish. 


If these roles sound like you, drop us an email with your CV and cover letter (with the job title in the email heading) and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.