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Our Story

We're Hnry!

(pronounced ‘Henry’ - we just dropped the ‘e’)

Think of us like a does-it-all financial assistant, best mate, and colleague. We make life less stressful for the self-employed.

Started in New Zealand in 2017, Hnry has quickly grown into one of Australasia's largest specialist accountancies; our team of over 100 (and growing) serves tens of thousands of sole traders across Australia and New Zealand.

We offer a full digital accounting service for contractors, freelancers, and sole traders that handles… well, everything.

Automatic tax calculations and payments, invoicing, expenses, tax filings, and on-demand support from our team of accountants – we take care of it all so you never have to think about tax again.

Keen to join the Hnry team?

If you share our values, and you’re interested in becoming one of the Hnry team, check out our currently open roles.

Careers at Hnry

Meet the Co-founders

Claire and James

These two came up with Hnry off the back of being self-employed themselves. Having to deal with the gnarly time-suck that was tax and financial admin motivated them to build a better solution – and safe to say, it’s stuck.

Claire and James brought Hnry into the wild in 2017 - and every year since then we’ve been removing unnecessary stress and complexity for more and more sole traders.

" We’re on a mission to revolutionise self-employment worldwide. "

Meet Australia's Managing Director


Much like James and Claire, Karan comes from a background of managing his own business - so is all too familiar with the burden of tax admin. Since joining us, he’s been growing Hnry’s presence in Australia, by engaging with local partners, supporting Australian customers, and building the Hnry team in our Sydney office.

" I’m motivated by the desire to make the transition to self-employment easier for Australians by removing the burden of financial administration. "

Connect with us

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Hnry is a great place to work and grow!

" We’re a highly collaborative and social team who work together and encourage people to bring their fresh ideas and thinking, to challenge and experiment - and we’re all continuously developing our skills and processes. " Alex MacAvoy
Head of Customer Operations