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Entry H: Julia Palm


About the Entry

My creative output usually focuses on contemporary-slow-one-off fashion garments, textile artworks, zines & photography - but I really can’t be tied down and give everything a go! JPalm is an anomaly in the fashion world with a hands-on approach that mimics a process-led art practice.

I have chosen to submit a Vlog (video-blog) style entry because I thought it would be a fun way to show you all a slice of my world, and the amazing community around me. I’m a very visual person and a Vlog style video was a great way to portray this. In a world of limited attention spans, and fake online personas - I wanted to let a little bit of my silly sideshow, whilst also talking about the realities of being a creative. 

Thanks for listening to my story and I hope you have a fun time watching my entry to the Hnry Awards 2020.

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