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The Hnry Sole Trader Pulse

Your latest insights into self-employment and sole traders.

Here's the facts...

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Past reports:

March 2023

Hnry Sole Trader Pulse shows the growing difficulties of accessing credit.


October 2022

Hnry Sole Trader Pulse shows sole traders are feeling the pinch as inflation bites.


June 2022

Hnry Sole Trader Pulse reveals economic headwinds


About the Hnry Sole Trader Pulse

Each Sole Trader Pulse Survey was commissioned by Hnry and undertaken by Jim Reed of Resolve Strategic to measure the sentiment, views and experiences of sole traders in New Zealand. Resolve Strategic conduct an independent online quantitative survey, interviewing a nationally representative sample of 500+ sole traders. All respondents are sole traders and include a wide variety of; contractors, consultants, freelancers, gig economy workers and trades people.