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Raise & manage expenses easily

Log expenses in seconds with the Hnry app - it’s as easy as snapping a photo

Expenses with Hnry

Thousands of sole traders use Hnry to raise expenses on the go and get instant tax relief.
Raise expenses with the snap of a photo
Raising expenses on the go has never been easier - simply snap a photo and enter a few details. We'll store your receipts for 7 years, so you can bin them straight away!

The right tax relief, immediately
Our expert accountants manage all your expenses to get you the right tax relief.

Know what you can and can't claim
Our team of accountants will help you understand what you can and can't claim as a business expense - to help you get maximum tax relief!

Easily manage your cash flow

We’ll pay the right amount of tax on your invoices, separating out your nontaxable expenses, such as materials, equipment, cost of goods sold, and subcontractors, helping you maximise your cash flow.

Expense management for self-employed Kiwis

The Hnry app is a one-stop shop for managing all your expenses:

  • Submit expenses on the go with just a snap of a photo
  • Keep a record of all your receipts without the shoebox
  • Set up an asset register to make sure the right depreciation gets automatically applied to all high-value purchases