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Entry C: Leni Selesele


About the Entry

Recently I have been able to grow more as an independent artist earning through Art commissions in which i dedicate my time to. I’m still learning new things each day & having to be sufficient with schedules, planning & self managing.

But I have found each process & every part to this journey To be rewarding if I simply enjoy what I’m doing. My entry is a quick video montage of my creative life & also my personal life with a few short snippets of footage & Images.

I wanted to convey more of a reflection video of my story to highlight what independent earning means to me: taking only the good from the bad & remembering why you started.

For me it’s all about having fun & it used to be something very hard to do if you are out on your own trying to make a living financially, but for my own personal journey I have found that the more I have fun & celebrate the small & the big …I’m able to be free.

To be myself authenticity & be in control of my happiness

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