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Tax returns made simple

As your accountant, Hnry will file all of your returns (income tax and GST) whenever they’re due.

Tax returns with Hnry

As part of the service, the Hnry team will file all of your income tax and GST returns whenever they're due, making tax deadlines stress-free and easy.

Here’s how we work…

Your taxes calculated and paid automatically
Whenever you get paid, Hnry automatically calculates, deducts, and pays your income tax, GST, ACC, and Student Loan - so you’re always up-to-date on your tax payments.

Claim expenses as you go

Need to claim a business expense? It’s as easy as snapping a photo of the receipt and our expert team of accountants will manage all your expenses to get you the right tax relief - no more waiting until the end of the financial year.

Your tax returns filed by expert accountants

Sit back and relax! We’ll file all your tax returns (income tax and GST) for you whenever they’re due. No more stressing at tax time, no more searching for receipts, or getting an unexpected tax bill - a few clicks and it’s all done!

All your tax obligations - sorted!

Hnry doesn’t just calculate and pay your income tax - we take care of it all!

We’ll prepare and file all your returns (income tax and GST) whenever they’re due. In just a few clicks we’ll have your tax returns filed!

We also keep track of your income. So, if you start earning over the GST threshold we’ll notify you and automatically register you for GST!