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How We're Different

The Hnry team handle it all for you - no more data entry, no more reconciliation, no more spreadsheets

What you get for your 1%

With Hnry you get all your taxes paid and filed (Income Tax, GST and ACC), all your business and home office expenses reviewed, as well as getting great software for invoicing, quoting, and personal financial management

What You Need Hnry Accountant Online Calculators
Income Tax
Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Annual Filings Yes Yes No
Payments Yes No No
Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Filings for each period Yes Yes No
Payments Yes No No
Calculations Yes No Yes
Payments Yes No No
Student Loan
Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Payments Yes No No
Additional Features
Smart Invoicing and Quoting Software Yes No No
Receive online and overseas payments Yes No No
Create Automatic Payments Yes No No
Log Business and Home Office Expenses Yes Yes Yes
Store your Expense Receipts for 7 years Yes Yes No
Optional Professional Insurance (fees apply) Yes No No
No fixed terms or subscriptions Yes No No
Expert Support
Registered Tax Agents Yes Yes No
Experts to review your Expenses Yes Yes No
Represent you to IRD Yes Yes No
Represent you to ACC Yes No No
Filings for Registered Businesses (GST & IR4) No Yes No

Everything you need for just 1%,

Hnry is perfect if you...

Work as a Contractor and/or Freelancer or...

Manage your own clients or work through a recruiter or...

Work as an independent sole trader.

  • You can even join if...
  • you have a PAYE/salary job in addition to your independent income
  • it's mid-way through the financial year
  • you have outstanding tax returns
Hnry - We've got you covered!

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