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Hnry Awards 2020

Recognising Kiwi Creativity

It's your chance, New Zealand 

For this year's Hnry Awards, we're asking you to submit an entry on our chosen theme:

What does 'independent earning' mean to you?

Whether you or someone you know is freelancing, contracting, or working several side hustles or gigs to earn an independent income, now’s the time to share your thoughts and ideas around what it means. What are the good things about it? The bad? What does it mean to you today, and into the future?

It's FREE to enter, and entries can be in any form you like - you can submit a video, a song, a poem, a design, an illustration, a sculpture – it's entirely up to you! Submit your entries below and you can be in to win a share of $25,000 and some national recognition! 

Be sure to submit your entry by March 21st 2020 to be in with a chance to win! Our panel of expert judges will announce the Top 10 on March 30th 2020, and then it'll be up to the New Zealand public to vote for their Top 3 favourites, who will be announced on April 21st 2020 to coincide with 'World Creativity & Innovation Day'.

Entries should be rough and low-key so don't invest a lot of time or money into this, as you won't be judged on production values. Our judges will be looking for entries that demonstrate the following:

  • Creativity
  • Something entertaining and engaging
  • Demonstration of a skill or craft
  • Alignment to this year's theme

Be in to win some serious cash

The Top 3 entries, to be chosen online by the NZ public, will win a share of $25,000!

Get acknowledged by industry experts

Our panel of expert judges will select a shortlist of 10 entries for the public to choose from.

Open to ANYONE in New Zealand

Whether you have no creative experience or you're a seasoned professional, all entries will be considered equal. Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

The creative choice is yours

Create anything for your entry: a video, a song, a poem, a design, a sculpture – you decide!

Vote for your Favourite!

Click the button below to vote for your favourite entry for the 2020 Hnry Awards


Time to win some financial freedom...

There are heaps of awesome prizes up for grabs:

  • The Top 3 entrants will win a share of $25,000
  • The Top 10 entrants will win a year of free Hnry
  • Hnry merch, including sunglasses and t-shirts
  • If you reach the Top 10, your idea will be showcased in front of the NZ public for a nationwide vote
Winner: $15k 1st Runner Up: $7.5k
2nd Runner Up: $2.5k
The Big Idea