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Hnry Does It.

The trusted financial sidekick for recruiters and their candidates

What Hnry gives your agency


Hnry helps get candidates up and running fast by taking care of all their obligations: tax, invoicing, expenses and payments

Peace of Mind

You can be confident that your candidates are always up-to-date on their responsibilities and can focus on getting the job done


No more spending time waiting for contractors to get set up – send them over to Hnry and we'll do it for them, so you can fill roles fast!

How it works


Contractors hire Hnry and have all of their contracting income paid into their unique Hnry Bank Account. As their recruiter, you pay them into this account, deducting any Withholding Tax if required.


Whenever you pay them, we automatically calculate, deduct and pay all of their taxes straight away - taking into account any business expenses - before passing what's theirs on to them on the same day


Relax! Your contractors are always compliant! What they get paid is theirs to keep, and we'll file all their tax returns for them whenever they're due!

Contractors can join Hnry any time!

Whether they're a seasoned contractor, or this is their first ever contract, Hnry makes sure your contractors can focus on work, not financial admin. They don't need to wait for the end of a tax year, or even until the start date of their contract. Hnry makes it simple and seamless, and our expert team are always here to help. Hnry don't get involved in your timesheets or contracts - so candidates using Hnry are no different from any other candidate!

More than just taxes

With Hnry, we don’t just pay and file taxes. Candidates also get access to our online platform, packed with features that make it simple to be a contractor

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How much does Hnry cost?

Hnry saves contractors time, money and hassle. We do everything an accountant and accounting software does, plus a lot more, all for one simple price.​​​​​​

  • Pay as you go - candidates only pay when they're earning
  • No subscription fees
  • No signup fees
  • No hidden costs
Our fee is1%of contracting
*exc GST. Fees capped at $2,000/yr

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