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Hnry & JacksonStone

We’ve teamed up with JacksonStone to bring contractors automated tax payments and filings!

Hnry for contractors!

Hnry makes contracting as simple and risk-free as being permanently employed, by taking care of all that boring financial admin for you! We pay all your taxes for you every time you get paid, and when the time comes, we’ll file all your tax returns for you - all of this and more, for a low pay-as-you-go price.

Hnry does it all - so you don’t have to.

How Hnry works


Sign up to Hnry anywhere, anytime, in less than 60 seconds, and you’ll get given your own unique Hnry Account


Provide those Hnry Account details to your client, so that they know you’re with Hnry, and we’ll take care of everything else.


Whenever you get paid in to your Hnry Account, we’ll automatically calculate, deduct and pay all your taxes (Income Tax, GST, ACC, Student Loan) before immediately passing your money on to you, along with a Payslip.

You can also use Hnry platform for anyone else you work for - such as other self-employed work or projects. If you use Hnry for your invoicing, we’ll even follow up with your clients if they’re late paying.

If you have business or home office expenses, you can snap a picture of your receipt on your phone. Our expert team will manage all of your expenses to make sure you get the right tax relief.

With Hnry, what you get paid is yours to keep.

How Much Does Hnry Cost?

We charge a 1% fee on income paid into your Hnry Account.

For that fee, you get full access to the Hnry service – there are no joining fees or subscription costs. That means you only pay when you’re earning! We don’t charge by the hour to manage your expense receipts or file your tax returns - so you’re always paying a fair price.

If you earn over $150,000, our fees are capped at $1,500 per year - so if you’re a high-earner, you’ll never pay above the cap!

What Else Can Hnry Do?

Your Taxes Paid and Filed Automatically

Hnry automatically makes your Income Tax, GST, ACC and Student Loan payments, and files your tax returns whenever they’re due

Send Invoices Easily & Get Paid Faster

Send quotes and invoices to clients with a few clicks, and we’ll automatically chase any unpaid invoices on your behalf

Get Automatic Tax Relief on Expenses

Our team of expert local accountants are on hand to manage your expenses, and get you the right tax relief