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Financial planning? Leave it to Hnry.

Make automatic payments to your investments, KiwiSaver, savings accounts, charities, and more!

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Payments made simple

With Hnry, you can easily set up automatic Allocations to apportion your income every time you get paid. From contributions to your KiwiSaver or savings account, to paying off utility and legacy tax bills, even making investment portfolio contributions – it's never been easier to plan for your future and make your money go further.

Plan for your future

Set aside a percentage of your income every time you get paid, and take control of your finances. Avoid monthly crunch times by paying utility bills as you go, starting a rainy day fund, or investing in your future.

Get instant peace of mind

Every time you get paid into your Hnry Bank Account, you'll know your savings and investments are growing, and your bills are being paid off – all from the Hnry app!

Get ahead on payments

Hnry removes the need for direct debits coming out on a certain 'day of the month' - you can set up automatic payments for paying rent and utility bills; even pay to friends and family or charities, every time you get paid.

Partner Integrations

Hnry has teamed up with awesome Kiwi companies like Simplicity Kiwisaver, Hatch and Sharesies, so that you can pay directly into your investment accounts quickly and safely.

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