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Hnry Does It.

The trusted financial sidekick for contractors and freelancers

How much does Hnry cost?

Hnry saves you time, money and hassle. We do everything an accountant and accounting software does, plus a lot more, all for one simple price.​​​​​​

  • Pay as you go - only pay when you're earning
  • No subscription fees
  • No signup fees
  • No hidden costs
Our fee is1%of your self-employed
*exc GST. Fees capped at $2,000/yr

Everything you need for just 1%,

Hnry is perfect if you...

Work as a Contractor and/or Freelancer or...

Manage your own clients or work through a recruiter or...

Work as an independent sole trader.

You can join Hnry any time of year!

There's no need to wait for the end of a tax year - we make it simple and seamless to make the switch to Hnry. Whether you're doing it all yourself, or you're using a mix of software, spreadsheets and an accountant. Stop taking it all on yourself, and have Hnry do it all for you.