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Meet the Team: Leigh Mackay

In this first of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, new Hnry Relationship Manager Leigh Mackay opens up about her time spent in recruitment, how she found Hnry, and how she hopes to solve some of the current problems facing the recruitment industry.


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from?  

I am from Aberdeen, Scotland. It is known as the Granite City and is about the same size as Wellington. One of the most famous people to come out of Aberdeen is Annie Lennox.


Where did you work before joining the Hnry team?

I have worked in recruitment in the Wellington region for over 4 years. I have also worked in Learning & Development for an investment bank and spent a good few years travelling.


What excited you most about joining Hnry?

Quite honestly, everything. I was introduced to James through someone I met at the Wellington Marketing Meetup. I really liked the product and what it would mean to my contractors and how it would add value to my role in recruitment. It was of great interest to me to be part of something that will change the way people think and offer a genuine solution to the real issues around being self-employed. Everyone who knows me knows that I like to help and offer solutions, and Hnry is one hell of a solution. When I met the whole Hnry team, I felt like I fitted in immediately and that we all shared a common goal. I have lots of energy and feel that it will be best used making a difference.


What is something that recruiters have to deal with that you want to help solve?  

All recruiters are time-poor. We spend our days juggling clients and candidates, building our desks and our home lives. We attempt to offer solutions to people who would not normally think of contracting due to the fears of finding an accountant and all the associated admin, tax worries, GST and ACC. All of this can really put people off and actually contribute to a smaller talent pool, and Hnry is here to fix that.

Hnry is super easy to use and it takes no time at all to set someone up on the system: just a few details, an email, and a client and service to invoice for and they are ready to go. The agency accounts teams I work with thank me for the solutions Hnry provide, as it’s less admin for them too.


How did you earn your first dollar?

It wasn’t really a dollar, it was more getting to ride the horses at the livery yard for free. I was a Groom for the professional horse riders and got to go to the events and warm up the horses for them. When I was younger this was worth more than money to me.


What is your go-to story that you always tell at a party?

That one time I thought it would be a great idea to try out Roller Derby. Now, I can skate and was very good when I was a kid: I could skate backwards and everything. But in February this year, I went to try out and broke both the bones in my leg, ended up in the hospital for 5 days, and earned my Roller Derby name “Graceful Slam”. But I changed it to “Calamity Slam” and I am yet to get back on the skates again.


What would you buy now that you always wanted to buy as a kid?

A horse. My husband made a comment to me before we moved to NZ that we could live on a lifestyle block and that I would get a horse. At this point, I still have no lifestyle block and no horse – I think I need to start getting things in writing…


If they made a movie about your life, what would the title be?

They already have. It’s called Calamity Jane. I really am a bit clumsy.  


Which cartoon character do you identify with most?

My nickname when I worked at Bank of New York was Jessica Rabbit, due to my love of vintage clothing and hair. But I am probably more like a mixture of Little Miss Messy and Mr Bump. I also think that I’m sometimes living Wilma Flintstone’s life.

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