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ASB and Hnry's Banking Partnership

ASB and Hnry Share Vision for the Future of Work

Tax and payment services company Hnry has announced a new banking relationship with ASB Bank.


The New Zealand based company, which alleviates the burden of financial admin for self-employed contractors and freelancers, has selected ASB as their banking partner in order to provide transaction banking services for its clients.

Hnry chief executive James Fuller says ASB was selected because of a shared drive to help make the banking experience easier for customers.

“We are really impressed with ASB’s understanding of the pain points for the increasing number of self-employed freelancers, contractors and sole traders, both here in New Zealand and further afield. We’re also excited about the opportunities working with ASB creates, specifically around increasing the financial literacy of our customers through having access to the ASB team and their expertise,” says Fuller.

Hnry’s partnership with ASB means that payments will be processed more quickly, whilst also providing a wealth of new opportunities for Hnry to work with the bank to deliver new capabilities and features for Hnry customers in the near future – delivering on the company’s ambition to make earning self-employed income as simple and seamless as possible.

ASB general manager global transaction banking Greg Beehre says ASB is proud to be named Hnry’s banking partner.

“We’re looking forward to developing our relationship with Hnry and working together to help create a smoother payment process for their customers.

“It’s about making their banking simpler and in turn helping their customers get some time back, so they’re not having to take time away from work. Instead we’re helping accelerate their financial progress and that’s exciting,” says Beehre.


For more information about ASB transaction banking services visit:

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