Why Hnry?

No need for spreadsheets, no need for accounting software, no need for accountants.

Is Hnry for me?


Unless you’re a business, Hnry is for you. It’s as simple as that.

Hnry turns being self-employed into pay-as-you-go, giving anyone the opportunity to be their own boss, to follow their own path, and to take advantage of selling their services without fear of a tax and compliance nightmare.

Hnry handles all your taxes – Income Tax, GST, ACC, Student Loans – we make the payments, do the calculations and file all your returns for you

Regardless of how much or how often you earn any self-employed income, Hnry can help. Hnry is perfect for you if you’re working:

As a contractor
As a tradie
You can even work through a third party, such as a recruitment agency!


No subscription – pay as you go

of the income into your Hnry account
  • All your taxes paid, on every dollar you earn

  • All your tax returns filed for you

  • Ability to create Invoices to be sent to your clients

  • Managed credit control and client payments

  • Online Expense and Purchase management

High earner?

Earn over $200,000pa?
Hnry’s service fees are capped at $2,000!

How Hnry works

Get an Account

Get all your self-employed income paid into a Hnry account.


 Hnry calculates, deducts and pays all your taxes for you immediately.

Pay Day!

You get your money straight away. What you get is yours to keep!

  • “Hnry is super easy to use and takes the hassle out of paying my taxes! This is hugely important for me because it gives me the freedom to be creative and focus on the things I love doing.”

    – Ash Church
    Visual Artist & Creative Director, Dinosaurtoast

  • “Hnry lets me focus on what I’m good at – working directly with clients – with none of the associated admin of contracting. I just copy Hnry on my invoices, and I get paid my real paycheck, with income tax, student loan, and ACC all taken off for me. No accountant. Magic.”

    – Finn Lawrence
    Innovation Specialist, Creative HQ

  • “With Hnry I just have to send through an invoice, which takes like a minute, and they do the rest for me. They even chase up unpaid invoices. I see them as my muscle – they’ve got my back so I can just do my work.”

    – Ines Almeida
    Brand Lead & Storyteller

  • “When I heard about Hnry I thought it was too good to be true! Dealing with tax is obviously a huge part of being a contractor but doing it can be time consuming and stressful. To have Hnry to take that all on so I don’t have to worry about it is such a relief.”

    – James Doyle
    Head of 3D Department, Weta Workshop

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