More Than Just Taxes…

With Hnry, we don’t just pay and file all your taxes. You also get access to our online platform, packed with features to make it simple to be self-employed.

Invoice Your Clients

  • Create Invoices
    Create and send Invoices to your Clients using Hnry

  • Personalise Your Invoices
    Add a Logo and Trading Name to your Invoices to get that personalised feel

  • Track Your Invoices
    Get notified when your Invoices have been opened by your Clients

  • Invoice Reminders
    We’ll even follow up with your Clients for you if they’re late paying!

Track Your Expenses

  • Upload and Store Your Expenses
    To log a Business Expense, upload a scanned image or snap a photo of the receipt with your phone

  • Get the Right Tax Relief
    We’ll make sure you get the right tax relief on everything you upload

  • Manage Home Office Costs
    If you have a home office, you can log your office expenses in Hnry and we’ll make sure you get all the right deductions

  • Get Reimbursed by Clients
    Raise Expenses to your Clients and have them added to any Invoices you create in the future

Get Your Payslips

  • Pay All Your Taxes as You Go
    Every time you get paid you’ll get a breakdown of all the tax deductions that have been made for you

  • See Every Deduction
    Income Tax, GST, ACC, Student Loans – you get total transparency on every deduction

  • Prove Your Income to Anyone
    You can extract your Payslips, making it easy to get loans and mortgages when you’re self-employed

  • What You Get Paid Is Yours to Keep!
    The money in your pocket is yours to keep. No more reconciling transactions, keeping old receipts, holding back money for tax or having to worry about provisional payments ever again!

Choose Where Your Money Goes

  • Set Up Automatic Allocations
    You can choose to allocate percentages of your income to go to other individuals, funds, or businesses automatically

  • Put Money Away and Plan for the Future
    You can pay into your Savings accounts and KiwiSaver every time you get paid

  • Pay Friends and Family or Add to Your Investments
    Make recurring payments to anyone and transfer money to family. You can even transfer a percentage of your income to your Sharesies account!

Manage Your Jobs

  • Add to Your Hnry Profile
    Log the details of the Clients you work for and the Services you sell

  • Hourly Rate or Fixed Price?
    You can be selling your time or items and products: Hnry handles it all

  • Recruiter Compatibility
    If you work through a Recruiter, we can even work with them to get you all set up – chances are, they already have other contractors using Hnry!

Get Real Insights

  • The Hnry Dashboard
    Use your Hnry Dashboard to get insights about your income and expenditure

  • Invoice and Expense Insights
    Check on outstanding Invoices and see breakdowns of your top Expense categories

  • Get Your Payslip History
    Access your Payslip history all in one place

Access the Hnry Community

  • Get Exclusive Access to Our Network
    When you’re a Hnry member, you get exclusive access to our Hnry Community and Partners

  • Get Connected for Success
    From discounts on products, to Financial Advisors and Recruiters, Hnry connects you to the organisations and services that will help you succeed

  • Get Ahead in Self-Employment
    We’re building a network of Partners who are specifically tailored to the needs of self-employed individuals

Use Hnry From Anywhere

You can use Hnry from your Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone. It’s simple to use and our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have

Ready to Get Started?

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